One of the great aspects of SWG, is that you can and live in a house. Saving up credits to purchase the home of your dreams is often an early goal for players. Houses are a great place to show off loot and other collections, to store items, to stay in for protection against attack, to craft, or to visit with friends.

Houses and Player CitiesEdit

Houses can be a part of a player city, and are indeed the most important (and necessary) part. If you place a house within the city limits of a player city, or if the city limits are increased so that your house comes within them, you will become responsible for any fees and taxes levied by the city. In addition, if the house is your declared residence, you become a citizen of the city with the right to vote; this assures that you can be a citizen of only one player city at a time. You must wait 24 hours after declaring residence before you can do so again, even if you redeed and then replace the same house in the same player city.

Placing a HouseEdit

Placing a house is rather simple. Find an open area that is relatively flat. Once you are in the general area, generate the structure from the radial menu of the deed. You will get a face-down map of the area around your character. Move the cursor to move the placement of the house. If the highlight is green, you are allowed to place in that particular spot; if the highlight is red, you have to choose a different location. Yellow areas are not allowed for placing. Right-clicking will rotate the house 90 degrees clockwise. The map will be oriented with North facing up. Left-click when the highlight is green to place the house in that location.


The structure management terminal in your house lets you manage the house and control what others can do in and to it.


Like other structures, houses require hourly credit maintenance. This could be viewed as utility bills or costs for upkeep. In any case, it is deducted from the house maintenance pool every hour (you can view and update this pool using the structure management terminal); if the pool is empty, it will come from your bank account or cash if the account is empty.

If your character has no credits, the house becomes condemned—the entrance will be locked until the repair maintenance is paid. Regular maintenance will continue to build up.

The daily maintenance is dependent on the house. A listing of house maintenance cost per house can be found in the Houses section.

Player cities may also charge an income tax to citizens. This is a set amount of credits taxed to each citizen, regardless of the size of their house, in addition to any property taxes. Fees are 1% to 15%.

Lots & Storage Edit

Houses come in a wide variety of sizes and storage limits. On SWG Reckoning, a houses storage size is tied directly to the lot size of the house. A listing of lot size & storage for each house can be found in the Houses section.


Corellia Houses Edit

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CU/NGE Houses Edit


If you decide to move to a different location, you can take your house with you! Only the owner of a structure can redeed it.

To be able to redeed the structure you must remove all items from the structure, it must be empty.

At the time of redeeding, you must make sure you have enough maintenance paid in order to cover the cost of redeeding.

To redeed, select "Destroy Structure" on the radial menu from the house's structure management termina. A confirm window will pop up, if you have enough maintenance all figures are green. You can opt out of this phase, just in case you are not sure.

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