Character Creation Edit

 Creating your first character is relatively easy. You first select your race and sex. There are 10 species in the game, each with their own perks and restrictions. You can select a species because the bonuses help your intended profession, but in the long run, they do not have much of an impact.

 There are 6 starting professions, Artisan, Brawler, Entertainer, Marksman, Medic and scout. Don’t think too much into this decision, it can easily be changed (and will be many times). Most start off with the Marksman (it gives you starter weapons) or Artisan (gives your starter surveyors)

 When you select the name for your new avatar (I call them toons) you have the option to go through the tutorial. If you are just starting out and have no idea how to play, go through it. If you do, be sure to talk to everyone in the tutorial and listen(read) to what they have to say, otherwise you could get lost. If you are a returning player and know the basics of the game, uncheck the tutorial option.

First Stat Migration Edit

 When you are done the tutorial (or skip it) you will find yourself in front of a travel terminal. Before you choose your starting planet, you want to look at yourself. If you click CTLR-C, you will see your character sheet and your Health/Action/Mind stats. While you are at this stage, you can change those stats for free by clicking the migration button on the bottom. On my toons, I maximize my mind stats and then distribute what’s left to the other pools. I do this because when I get buffs, the mind buffs are always the least potent.

Making Money with no skills Edit

 Starting out, we get around 1000 credits. It is not a lot, about enough to travel to one other planet. Making money seems like a daunting task when you are only a novice, but there is a nice way to make some cash. This is done by delivery missions. Here is the easiest way to do this: Use your starting cash to get to Doaba Guerfel on Corellia. Find a mission terminal and click on the Delivery tab. Select the highest paying delivery (about 1500 credits) Refresh and select a second highest paying delivery. They will have you find an NPC in the current city. Talk to them and they will give you a waypoint for the delivery. In most cases, the delivery is in Vreni Island. Just take a shuttle there and talk to the recipient. You will get your reward. Now find a mission terminal in Vreni Island and do the same, the recipient should be in Doaba Guerfel. After just a few of these you should be able to afford a grinding weapon or maybe some armor.

Bazaar Edit

 Now that we have some money, let’s buy something. Bazaar terminals are found in every major city, usually in the bank and behind starports. When looking at the bazaar interface, you will see tabs across the top, three radio buttons (This region/this planet/Entire Galaxy) and the filter, where you can narrow down your search (there is no actual search function) The bazaar lets you find items in two areas, the bazaar network and registered player vendors. On this server most mid to high end items are on player vendors.

 If you are looking for something small, you may find it in the bazaar network. To do this, Select “All Auctions” from the top, select your range (region to galaxy) and try to find what you are looking for through the filter. If an item is not available at your bazaar and you purchase it, you will have to travel to the bazaar you purchased it from.  When you get to your destination bazaar term., your item will be in the “Available Items” tab.

 If you want to look at Player vendors, select the “Vendor location” and then the “Entire Galaxy” options. Anything you find now, will not be on the bazaar, but on a player vendor somewhere. When you find the item you want, you will not be able to purchase it from the bazaar, but you can right-click the item and save the waypoint to the vendor. You just need to travel to the vendor and purchase the item directly from them.

 When you are first looking for things, it can be very difficult to find in the filter. Please ask in General chat, we have all be through it and can most likely tell your right where to find it.

Terminal Buffs Edit

 Now that you have a few credits in your pocket and a shiny new weapon, you'll want to kill something. To get your first few boxes of a combat skill, you don’t really need armor, I recommend just hitting the outskirts of a major town and taking out some of the low level indigenous spawns. Before you do that, you may want to spend some of your cash on terminal buffs. There is a buff terminal outside the starport on select cites. If you pay the terminal 1000 credits, it will give you’re a 500 point boost to all 6 of your stats for 2 hours. You can probably get to your AOE (Area of Effect, or "spin" attacks) skills on just terminal buffs. When you feel comfortable, you can start taking missions from the terms to make some more money.

Multiplayer Mechanics Edit

 Even though new players often start on their own, remember that SWG Reckoning is a multiplayer game. If played as a single player game, I guarantee you that you will not be playing long. The server has events, both PVE and PVP and there are routine groups going out and killing the tougher things, like Krayt Dragons. There are many ways to communicate with others in game and out of game. General chat is an invaluable source of knowledge and advice, all you have to do is ask. If it is a light day, you can ask any and all questions on the forums and don’t forget about Teamspeak, talking is so much easier than typing!

Final Thoughts Edit

 If you are unsure on what you want to do in game, I suggest you try unarmed combat and the Teras Kasi profession. It is a relatively easy profession to master and a TKM (Teras Kasi Master) can turn most missions into Mincemeat. It is a good starting profession to make some cash. Also, the economy is completely player based, so there is tons of money to make in the non-combatant professions too.